FitConnect Works Like A Plug

FitConnect is an Aggregator and works like a plug that allows you to collect data from all of your members’ different apps and view the information in one central place. With FitConnect you can:

See Your Members App Data

Members take a 2 min onboarding process to connect up. Once they have, they continue to use the apps they like, whilst you get to see the data.

Send Personalised Messaging

As members log data on their apps, FitConnect can send personalised, automated messages to help them towards their goals.

See Powerful Reporting

From the data, FitConnect generates reports that highlight at-risk members, loyal members and those that need PT & secondary sale opportunities.

Plug FitConnect Into Other Solutions

FitConnect is the aggregator of data, so it can simply fit within your other digital solutions, whether that be an app, challenges, leaderboards, CRMs and more.

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