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FitConnect is a member platform with a suite of products for acquiring new members, as well as engaging & retaining existing ones.

The fitness industry is full of potential. With the current technology and the digital changes in the market, we are exposed to more opportunities than ever. Service providers are aware of the digital changes but have not embraced this to its full capability just yet.

At FitConnect we believe that we can help businesses, such as gyms, in improving their service to their customers digitally. FitConnect's online platform is a way for them to connect with their clients by tracking their daily activities – such as sports, nutrition and sleep.

With the app market exploding in recent years, people already actively use health apps. Also the use of wearables is rapidly growing.

Therefore, we made a central hub that allows users to connect their existing apps and devices to one place and allows businesses to view their daily activities from a single dashboard.

The data provided enables them to offer great service to their clients, which will increase engagement and improve retention.

In combination with the profiling tool we even create a better experience for the user by profiling them into certain personality types, which again helps the business to enhance the experience of the customer journey.

The Team

Jamie Cole

Contact with Business Development & UK Enquiries

Nick Polman

Contact with Sales, Marketing & EU Enquiries

Tom Freire Camacho

Contact with Software & App Enquiries

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